nearengine is the online portfolio of Chris Shiplet.
I craft modern, attractive and accessible websites and applications.


I create interfaces that are minimal, accessible and responsive. This allows users to access my sites on a wide array of devices with optimal readability anywhere.

Besides improving accessibility this approach decreases loading time and bandwidth cost, and scales beautifully on retina and high-DPI devices.

I provide services & consultation in web design, frontend or backend development, embedded and integration projects and applications for Mac & iOS.


nearengine 4
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nearengine 4

nearengine is an exercise in creating a unified online brand with a modern website and identity. It takes a mobile-first, responsive approach utilizing the latest html5/css3 standards, WCAG accessibility guidelines, and vector graphics for the header.

This fourth version of the site adds a lot of new graphic resources and interactivity while reducing the page weight by 17%.

Elevated Athletics
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Elevated Athletics

Elevated Athletics contacted me about turning their in-house design into a fully functioning teaser page to drive MailChimp conversions.

The outcome was a beautiful, responsive site with jQuery-powered interactions that works well on any screen size and conforms to standards for html5 and css3.

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I was hired by Arizona State University's ANGLE lab to provide them with a distinct, modern identity and update their website accordingly.

While working there I also fixed issues with several other PHP-based projects and created 3D renders for a whitepaper.

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TwitStamp is a web app created in partnership with Code Monkey Upstairs which allows a user to create a customized PNG image that will automatically be updated with their latest tweet.

We scaled to thousands of new users each month driven from social media outlets and industry blogs such as Mashable, MakeUseOf, and Mashup of the Day.

NobleHill Twitter Kiosk
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NobleHill Kiosk

NobleHill wanted a custom, Twitter-integrated kiosk which would allow visitors to tweet their opinion of the company's trade show booth and have display it on the booth's LCD screen.

I wrote a one-off Twitter API wrapper in PHP and implemented the kiosk as a standalone web app using jQuery.

See the booth in action.

For additional, miscellaneous projects please see my GitHub profile.